Why choose BinDB?

International Coverage & Accuracy

Our Issuer Identification Number IIN/BIN data offers a complete corporate solution to detect card types across regions and card schemes.

By cross-referencing data through multiple data sources, we can achieve reliable IIN/BIN reference directory for almost all banks, countries and issuers. This approach allows our clients to identify payment cards from most brands, banks and countries.

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Data quality: Regular Updates & Reliable Data Sources

IINs change often, they can be re-assigned to different bank cards, types, card levels and even different countries. We constantly work to keep track of those changes and make sure the data as up to date as possible to provide a reliable IIN identification service.

We have partnered with large corporations who use our solutions, acquired new data sources and gained many valuable small-business clients who steadily grow with the help of our solutions.

Our IIN data is compiled through various data sources and methods.
We have listed some of them below:

  • Customers - Reporting back IIN data and helping us improve data quality constantly
  • Financial institutions - contributing their IIN data
  • Payment processors - merchants verify risk transactions
  • User input validation - end users confirm their own personal IIN data
  • Call to verify card details - contacting card holders to confirm public IIN details without their personal card information
  • Document verification services - Companies that perform Optical Character Recognition to validate personal documents
  • Card collectors - Proven partnerships we have with collectors of recently expired/inactive cards help us identify many rare or non-public card types
  • Public search data - Performing statistical analysis of the search data through our web tools.

Use cases

  • Identify of card issuer financial institution name and country
  • Extended Prepaid, Gift and Virtual cards detection (Reloadable and Non-Reloadable)
  • Debit or Credit card recognition
  • Card scheme identification (payment networks)
  • Co-Branded Cards Additional data (Identify cards issued by the bank in joint sponsorship with the large retail merchant)
  • Advanced information of BIN sponsorship (Allows companies to process payments through an intermediary that is a direct scheme member)
  • Verifying consumer (personal) or commercial (business) cards are used
  • Fraud Prevention & Avoiding chargebacks (Building an effective anti-fraud system)
  • Recurring Payments / Subscription Billing
  • Data management & statistical analysis
  • Suspicious activity / Abusing of services
  • Investigation (contact information of card issuer)
  • Improve security risk management
  • Competitor analysis

Flexible, Simple & Easy to Integrate

All our services are designed to be flexible and as easy to code around as possible.
The flat file databases come in CSV and XML copies, so you can choose which one to use based on your requirements.
We gather only the most used and important characteristics about each IIN which provides a simpler solution
Our Web Portal's API module is REST based with XML and JSON response which minimizes the implementation effort.

Detailed & Extended Information

Records in our file provide advanced details for a payment card IINs. Some of the key pieces of information for an IIN record are:

  • Card Scheme (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX etc.)
  • Financial Institution (Example: Bank of America)
  • Co-brand information (if available)
  • Funding Type (Credit/Debit)
  • Category level (Standard/Gold/Corporate/Prepaid)
  • Country name and ISO code (Example: United States/US)
  • Issuing Bank HQ address, city and zip code
  • Issuing Bank's Website
  • Issuing Bank's Phone

Service Experience & Support Assistance

Our team has over 11 years of experience in providing identification solutions. We always work closely in providing support for the duration of your membership with us. Each inquiry, report or support request is answered with high priority, and we stay in communication with you until the issue is resolved.