The BIN data can be used for two types of investigation and data analysis.


By runing past credit card transactions through the database, you can extrapolate useful statistics about your payments and clients. Possibilities are:

  • Generate statistics by card brands (visa/mastercard) used for payment
  • Generate payment country statistics ( the country of origin of the card )
  • Generate statistics for credit/debit cards used ( card type )
  • Generate statistics for prepaid/gift cards used for payment


Incident analysis is another instance where you may need to find out more about a certain transaction.
Too often fraudulent transactions are detected post-factum and investigation is implied.
By matching the card BIN/IIN with our database you will identify many details about the card used in the fraudulent purchases.

With BinDB's BIN Database you can do the following:

  • Match BIN data with user supplied data
  • Match BIN data with user's IP address geolocation data (for online transactions)
  • Find issuing bank's name, website and phone

Once you have identified the bank, you can report the issue and/or investigate further.