Fraud Prevention

A good BIN Database will save millions of dollars in chargeback losses for your company in the long run. By matching the order information with the information from the bin number of the credit card you can prevent ...

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Prepaid Cards Fraud

Prepaid cards are getting more and more associated with online fraud. This is why being able to destinguish if a card is Prepaid or Gift card from it's bank identification number allows you to reject orders ...

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Reduce Chargebacks

As the internet has grown, so has the number of attempts to exploit this powerful medium. Small websites owners have to worry about protecting themselves from online fraud. What are some ways that ...

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Verify Card Details

Bank identification number is a powerful tool. With Bindb, your company can find out more about the card that your customer used than ever before. Bin numbers can identify the issuing bank ...

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Why choose Industry standard fraud prevention

BinDB provides the most comprehensive and complete database of Bank Identification Numbers on the internet. In contrast to other web sites claiming to have full bank identification number databases, BinDB is the only service accurately distinguishing the european bank identification numbers such as:

- PBS International (Denmark)
- Teller (Norway)
- Eurokarten System (Germany)
- Bank Card Company (Belgium)
- Visa Austria, PayLife (Austria)
- Euro6000 (Spain)
- Europay (Austria, France, Belgium, Netherlands...)

Your company processes credit card payments manually or automatically, we know how well this works for you and we do not want to change your way of processing payments. On the contrary, we provide a new powerful tool to aid your business. BinDB's Bank Identification Numbers database will increase your revenue and protect your company's reputation by preventing credit card fraud. The BinDB's Bank Identification Numbers database is a collaboration of the joint efforts of our many suppliers, researchers and partners that accurately identifies credit cards using the first six digits of the credit card number also known as a Issuer Identification Number.

Bin DB provides the only complete and up to date bin lookup database in the world. With BinDB's issuer identification number database you can accurately identify bank cards issued from almost every financial institution in the world. An accurate and complete bin list also known as bin database or bin lookup can provide extensive information for a specific bin number.

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Latest news from BinDB

Thu, 13 Feb 2014 News
New Database Release
The new BIN Database v7.2 is now a fact. Over 50,000 records have been modified/added/removed

Tue, 21 Jan 2014 News
Update PBS, Teller and EurokartenSystem.
A major update has been completed on the European country specific banking systems.

Tue, 8 Oct 2013 News
Euro6000 range update.
We have added a major update to our Ultimate License with the Euro6000 payment system

Tue, 6 Aug 2013 News
Updates on our website.
We have recently updated several sections in our website to provide more detailed look into our products and solutions.

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