Payment Card Category Class Levels

Visa Cards Class Levels

Тhey also have additional category levels like traditional, rewards, preferred, multi-currency travel, unembossed, ATM only ,private label, premier, reserve, palladium, ect.

Consumer card offered for personal use

Visa Virtual

Тhe Virtual cards are always debit Non-physical cards and can be disposable card / Temporary card. Possible to be Reloadable or Non-Reloadable and . They are stand-alone and also can be attached to a physical Prepaid, Classic, Gold, Platinum and Signature card. Some of them may not be used for foreign purchases.

Visa Gift

Тhe cards are debit Non-Reloadable and can be virtual. Some of them may not be used for foreign purchases. As a reminder, gift cards cannot be used for recurring automatic payments for subscriptions. They are more secure than giving checks or cash.

Visa Prepaid

These cards are debit Reloadable and can be virtual. They are embossed or unembossed. Prepaid cards can be used for recurring automatic payments for subscriptions.

Visa Electron

These cards are debit. The Visa Electron is more than just an ATM card. It is an international card with which you can withdraw cash and pay for purchases in the whole world. Perfect for internet purchases.

V Pay

These cards are debit. The European debit card. Created by Visa Europe, V PAY is a new European debit card based entirely on chip and PIN.

Visa Classic

These cards can be credit or debit. Visa Classic cards are recognized and accepted by numerous merchants all over the world, including the Internet. The Visa Classic card is an ideal first card because of its simplicity, flexibility, and worldwide recognition. It's perfect for students, a young couples, or someone trying to establish credit.

Visa Gold

These cards can be credit or debit. A Premium card used by people around the world. With higher spending limits and greater purchasing power, the Visa Gold card is the choice of consumers who want more from their cards. Visa Gold cards deliver the recognition, security, and preferred service you demand.

Visa Platinum

These cards are credit or debit. Visa Platinum is a card full of potential, with added benefits like collision loss damage insurance and emergency assistance.

Visa Signature

These cards are credit or debit. The card that gives you instant access to dozens of perks in addition to the points, miles, or cash back you already earn.

Visa Infinite

These cards are credit or debit. With Visa Infinite card you can go from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you're savoring an elegant vintage or touring wine country, you'll experience ultimate purchasing power. A Visa Infinite card has all of the benefits of Visa Gold and Visa Platinum Card, and more.

Commercial card offered for business use

Visa Business

These cards can be credit or debit. Business cards can be Prepaid, Rewards, Gold, Platinum, Signature and Infinite. Save on business products and services at select merchants - no enrollment required. With Visa discounts for cardholders. Enjoy purchasing convenience at millions of locations - in store and online. Separate personal and business expenses.

Visa Purchasing

The cards are mainly credit corporate, but can be debit. The Visa Purchase card significantly reduces the time and costs associated with paying for goods and services by eliminating paper-based purchase orders and invoice processing.

Visa Corporate

These cards are business can be credit or debit. Corporate cards can be Rewards, Purchasing, Gold, Platinum, Signature and Infinite. The Visa Corporate card gives you the flexibility and information you need to manage travel and entertainment expenses for your large corporation. Enhance travel security and convenience with the potential to save your company money. Enjoy benefits including emergency cash and card replacement, primary auto rental insurance, lost and stolen card reporting, travel and emergency assistance, and more.

Mastercard Cards Levels

Тhey also have additional category levels like student, flex,benefit, professional, elite, premium, preferred, unlimited ,diamond, ect.

Personal cards

Mastercard Gift

Тhe cards are debit Non-Reloadable. More secure than giving cash or paper gift vouchers.

Mastercard Prepaid

Debit Reloadable cards. From gift-giving to budgeting your money - there are many types of prepaid cards available for different purposes. Depending on which Brand Mark appears on your card, you can use your prepaid card to make purchases wherever MasterCard or Maestro cards are accepted.

Mastercard Standard

Standard MasterCard gives you the ability to establish a foundation of credit that you can strengthen over time. Using your card for basic purchases can help you control expenses while you maintain the lifestyle you want. You can use your card to pay at places that don't accept cash or checks, like hotels or shopping websites, and to cover large or unanticipated costs, like major appliances or car repairs.

Mastercard World

World credit cards offer unique advantages and world-class services.

Mastercard Gold

Gold MasterCard provides you with enhanced spending power, worldwide acceptance and the ability to earn rewards. So every time you buy what you want, you can get added benefits with every purchase.

Mastercard Platinum

Platinum MasterCard is the defining purchasing tool for premium cardholders looking for worldwide acceptance, excellent service and access to remarkable benefits. If your passion is savoring life's pleasures, this card is up to the task.

Mastercard Black

MasterCard Black provides emergency card-related assistance, anytime, anywhere, via one toll-free phone call. Provides coverage against accidental death and dismemberment when traveling by common carrier with tickets purchased with a MasterCard card. Pays for physical damage and theft of a rental vehicle when the cardholder initiates and pays for the entire rental transaction with a MasterCard card. Provides pre-trip destination information, emergency medical and legal referrals, emergency cash, tracing of lost luggage, and more.

Mastercard Titanium

The Mastercard Titanium Card finds its greatest strength in VIP travel benefits and privileges that goes beyond the offering of most credit cards.

Business cards

Mastercard Business

Business cards can be Prepaid, World Elite, Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Black. Cards are targeted for smaller businesses, commonly used for a variety of expense types (e.g., goods, services, travel, etc.), the end-user organization may be allowed to carry a balance.

Mastercard Purchasing

A Purchasing Card is a type of commercial card that allows organizations to take advantage of the existing credit card infrastructure to make electronic payments for a variety of business expenses (e.g., goods and services). A convenient solution which helps reduce costs, streamlines processes associated with authorising, tracking, purchasing and reconciling Business to Business(B2B) whilst streamlining their recurring account receivables/payment collection processes from its network of distributors/dealers.

Mastercard Corporate

Corporate cards are commonly used by organizations for employee travel and entertainment (T&E) expenses. Corporate Card offers you a range of tools and options that allow you to tailor your card program to your company’s individual needs and constraints. They can be : Virtual Card, Purchasing Card, Travel Card, Fleet Card, Department Card, etc.

American Express Cards

Additionali category levels like cash back, everyday, travel, plus, plum, extra, cobalt, prime, reserve, preferred, ect.

Consumer Cards

Amex Gift

An Amex Gift Card is a card preloaded with a selected amount. Cards are used as an alternative to cash for purchases within a particular store or related businesses. Gift cards are also given out by employers or organizations as rewards or gifts. Gift cards are also given out by employers or organizations as rewards or gifts.

Amex Prepaid

The American Express Prepaid Card is one of the best values in the prepaid card market. It has practically no fees. You do not need any bank account to acquire this card. It’s usable for POS, E-Com & ATM and, also you can get the card instantly from our branch.

Amex Blue

The more you use your Blue Cash(R) Card from American Express, the more rewarding it gets. You have unlimited cash back potential, and can earn up to 5% cash back on your daily purchases.

Amex Green

There are countless things you need to buy to get by. Why not have them count towards something more? The Membership Rewards® program can help turn those purchases into last minute getaways, a night on the town, the latest gadgets, and gift cards for some of your favorite stores

Amex Gold

Get more of what you want out of life with the award-winning Membership Rewards® program, featuring an amazing selection of some of the best names in travel, shopping, dining, and entertainment. Plus, you can browse and redeem for a variety of rewards at different point levels, all in one place.

Amex Platinum

The Platinum Card from American Express is designed for frequent travelers and shopping companion that allows you to explore a world of opportunities while experiencing the safety and service that come with a globally respected brand.


The Centurion Card, known informally as the black card, is a charge card issued by American Express. The card is available in certain markets, mainly the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Taiwan, Korea, areas of China (e.g. Hong Kong), Japan, Australia and the Middle East.

Commercial Cards

Amex Business
Business can be Blue, Green, Gold, Rewards, Platinum

The Business Card from American Express is the no annual fee business credit card that can earn you valuable membership rewards points in addition to valuable benefits designed for your business such as:
The option to carry a balance with interest and a spending limit. Faster ways to earn rewards points that you can spend on just about anything. Signature purchase protection and travel insurance plans. No fee employee cards

Amex Corporate
Corporate cards can be Green, Gold, Platinum, Purchasing

It's a better way to manage your company's business expenses

* Simple, streamlined control – from purchasing through to payment
* A stronger negotiating position with key suppliers
* Significant savings across key expense categories
* Flexible tools and options to manage expenses effectively
* Corporate savings – for your company to redeem against a range of money saving goods and services
* Membership rewards – for employees to redeem against an extensive range of practical and inspirational goods and services