About Us

Why choose BinDB?

BinDB.com was founded by a group of young and ambitious IT professionals with experience in e-commerce and payment processing software development.

The idea of creating as complete an IIN data file as possible has been in our heads for more than five years before we started to actually collect the data and conduct the research. In early 2006 we started gathering materials and conducting research on a new ambitious project to create a complete online anti-fraud system to help prevent online fraud and reduce chargebacks.

Since the idea began to emerge in 2006 our team has grown exponentially to meet the demands of the massive project BinDB.com has become. Finally we decided to unite all our privately used tools and resources and the already enormous Bank Identification Number database into one product which came to be BinDB.com. The work on the service continues every day, and we constantly strive to better our service to meet the growing demand of complete anti-fraud package for small, medium and large online businesses.

In 2020 bindb.com was acquired by REFDATA OU, another young IT company from Estonia which will take on the legacy of bindb.com and develop it further to continue providing quality reference data to our clients.

The Process

Data quality is our priority. Maintaining the data file up to date and accurate takes a lot of time and effort.

Data Sources

We rely on a wide range of BIN information suppliers. From large scale online payment processors and banks to statistical analytics data extrapolated from our client's use patterns and reports. Once a new BIN record comes in it requires careful investigation and validation. This is where our research team comes in.

Research Team

The BinDB research team investigates each of the hundreds of thousands of IINs before they can be added or updated in the data file. Every record is manually checked and goes through several levels of verification before it is added to the main database. The research team also monitors when a bank or financial institution gets acquired by another institution.

Data Engineers

The hundreds of thousands of records in the database require careful formatting and organization. Our data engineers make sure that every field in the database is unified and correctly inserted. They perform maintenance tasks as well as ensure that the product is easy to work with.