PCI Data File: Payment Card Identification Directory

The PCI(Payment Card Identification) Data file is a service which offers a daily updated list of Issuer Identification Number data.
It is used to identify key characteristics about types and categories of cards. It provides reference data for businesses looking to gain insights to their financial transactions, purchases, customer base and decrease credit card fraud.

A single BIN reference solution spanning across countries and payment networks can provide some of the following key features:

  • Detecting card schemes (issuing payment networks)
  • Global coverage spanning over 220 countries
  • Identify over 20,000 financial institutions
  • Advanced identification of prepaid cards
  • Information on Co-branded cards issued to Retailers
  • Know your customer by detecting corporate or commercial cards

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Use cases

  • Identify of card issuer financial institution name and country
  • Extended Prepaid, Gift and Virtual cards detection (Reloadable and Non-Reloadable)
  • Debit or Credit card recognition
  • Card scheme identification (payment networks)
  • Co-Branded Cards Additional data (Identify cards issued by the bank in joint sponsorship with the large retail merchant)
  • Advanced information of BIN sponsorship (Allows companies to process payments through an intermediary that is a direct scheme member)
  • Verifying consumer (personal) or commercial (business) cards are used
  • Fraud Prevention & Avoiding chargebacks (Building an effective anti-fraud system)
  • Recurring Payments / Subscription Billing
  • Data management & statistical analysis
  • Investigation (contact information of card issuer)
  • Improve security risk management

Key Features

The PCI Data File provides a downloadable database file which you can store on your end.

  • Downloadable - Allows you to integrate the database on your end.
  • Flexible - The universal TAB separated text file (TSV) format is easily readable in most programming languages and database software.
  • Accurate - Monthly updates provide high-level of accuracy.
  • Affordable - A great starting BIN identification solution for medium businesses.
  • Extended Prepaid/Gift/Virtual detection - This feature provides you with our deep insight of which cards are issued by certain financial institutions and co-branded by others.

Data Quality & Updates

  • Frequency - Monthly updates are issued on the 1st of each month.
  • Automation - A REST API allows automated download of updates.
  • Security - An SSL secured and username/password/api_key protected download interface.
  • Complete Updates - Every update contains an updated copy of the entire data file. No cutting or splicing is required. Each update can be used to overwrite the old data file on your end.